Can't decide on the right PBM for you?

Pharmacy is your most highly utilized health benefit. That makes choosing the right vendor critical for your organization. The RFP experts at TRICAST can help.

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Financial uncertainties keeping you awake?

Worried you’re inadvertently giving your benefit for less than you should? Or that you can’t reliably determine the effectiveness of your drug therapy management programs?

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Are your spending projections correct?

Hands-on staffing support stretching your resources thin? Eliminate much of the manual effort required to monitor rejected claims. And make CMS smile.

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Struggling to control prescription drug costs?

Our pharmacy benefit auditing, PBM contract and PBM consulting service offerings are built upon proven, reliable technology.

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What’s going on with provider pricing rules?

And what’s the deal with PBMs and their pharmacies? Need an early heads-up on network variances? Want to highlight the performance of your most-utilized pharmacies?

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An Entirely New Way to Look at Your Prescription Drug Benefit Spending

Imagine a new tool that empowers you with nearly two decades of industry consulting expertise. A tool with the potential to significantly reduce your IT support costs. And a tool tailored to your workflow process. That’s Reveal™. The latest Health IT breakthrough from the pharmacy benefit experts at TRICAST.


Monitor Medicare pharmacy benefit plan design compliance. In real time.



Immediate drug spend savings of 0.5%. Process improvement savings of 3-4%.



Verify prescription transaction pricing and processes. In real time.



Get the most out of your existing staff. Productivity increases of up to 25%.


CMS Star Ratings

Star ratings matter more than ever. A one-star change can make or break you.

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